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Whois API
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API to perform a Whois query programmatically and get results in JSON format.
Whois API Code Sample

Whether you want to build your own free domain discovery platform or just trying to check thousands of domains' availability for any reason, Whois API will help you to do so.

In addition to checking the availability of the domain name, Whois lookup provides registration information of the domain in JSON format, such as the expiration date, registrar, registrant information.

How this API helps

Whois queries are pretty simple to code but when you are dealing with thousands of Whois queries per day it becomes really complicated, since NIC servers have pretty strict rate limits. Our Whois API uses hundreds of Socks5 servers autoscaling itself which does the trick with rotating the IP addresses frequently. We execute millions of Whois queries each day. Our happy customers use this API to discover available domains, discover frauds, build SEO tools, run affiliate sites. They rely on us, and we are addicted to provide the best support that is possible.

TLDs supported

Whois API is providing extensive variety for tlds. TLDs currently supported are as follows:

  • .com
  • .me
  • .net
  • .org
  • .sh
  • .io
  • .co
  • .club
  • .biz
  • .mobi
  • .info
  • .us
  • .domains
  • .cloud
  • .fr
  • .au
  • .ru
  • .uk
  • .nl
  • .fi
  • .br
  • .hr
  • .ee
  • .ca
  • .sk
  • .se
  • .no
  • .cz
  • .it
  • .in

If you wish us to support another extension, just let us know at [email protected]

Client Libraries

We have ready made packages for the following platforms (More is on the way):


If you haven’t found your domain name yet, we have another API that can help you to discover potential domain names and validates if they are available through the Whois database.

How secure is this service?

Prompt API is a legal entity in European Union and regulated by its laws. We never store any sensitive information on our servers and fully respect your privacy.

Is it free?

Whois API is a paid service but we have a free plan that will be more than enough for you to test its functionalities and see if it works for your needs.

How does Prompt API's pricing work?

Our subscriptions are tiered. We offer a monthly subscription scheme and you decide which tier works for you the best.

Can I cancel/upgrade/downgrade at any time?

Sure you can. You can cancel your subscription or upgrade/downgrade yourself, anytime without any restrictions.

Ability to parse Whois results in JSON
No worrying about the rate limits
Wide range of TLDs supported
Ultra fast response (usually less than 100ms)

Ready to try it out?

We offer a free plan. No credit cards required!

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