Text Analysis API
Text Analysis API

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) API enabling users to perform a variety of NLP tasks on a great amount of news content published online.

Remove the challenges of dealing with textual content by using our Natural Language Processing engine. Our text analysis API allow users to run complex Text Analysis functions with short and simple lines of code.

Text Analysis API Endpoints


Summarizes a valid input content and returns the highest ranked sentences from the text. These sentences in the order of appearence in the main text are then combined, which represents the most weighted sentences of the text also called summary.

Language Detection

The endpoint takes as input the text that needs to be analyzed and returns with the probability the language in which the text is written. If the text contains multiple language, the response is an array of objects each specifying the language detected and the corresponding probability.

Sentiment Evaluation

This endpoint takes as input text in english language, and evaluates if the overall sentiment of the text is positive, negative, or neutral. This sentiment along with the score obtained is returned in response as JSON object. The main value which reflect sentiment of a text is score which could be below zero - mostly negative sentiment or above zero - mostly positive. We convert continuous score to three classes negative sentiment (score<=-0.58), neutral (-0.58=0.21). Such division is subjective and could be used as it is for text classification by sentiments.

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