Prompt API vs. RapidAPI

Comparing the two API marketplaces.


Prompt API is a curated API Marketplace. All API’s are tested by Prompt API before they are added to the marketplace.

Start Free. Upgrade Easily.

All APIs have a free plan for you to test. No credit card required. Easy Upgrades / Downgrades of subscription plan.

Highly Available.

Very strict uptime promises. On-demand SLA Agreement available

Freedom of Choosing Payout Options.

Two options for hosting: We act as a proxy once you meet our uptime requirements. If you want to focus only on your API and not worry about other procedures, we may host your API on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Why choose

Prompt API vs. RapidAPI

API Marketplace doesn’t have to be complicated—though using RapidAPI can be. Navigating through Prompt API website, choosing your API, managing subscriptions are all simple and easy. With one click, you can downgrade/upgrade your plan based on your need. We would be very sad to see you go but you can cancel your subscription with one click as well.

In Prompt API, we focus on quality rather than quantity. Unlike RapidAPI, we don’t want to service multiple APIs that do the same job, same way. With a well-designed evaluation process, we ensure the APIs in our marketplace are legitimate, secure, provide promising uptime and most importantly working. You don’t need to spend hours to decide which one to choose. Only thing you need to do is to get your API key and connect with your application.

We understand you! You would like to test it fast and for free before committing to an API. All APIs in our platform have a free plan for you to test and free plan doesn’t require a credit card!

We speak your language. The team in Prompt API have a strong background in software development. Our focus is to create a developer friendly environment and maximize the user experience. We've started contributing open source projects from day one.

We support you in many ways! If you have any questions or get a problem, you can easily contact us through the chat box, email and ticket system. Our support engineers are software engineers with a BS degree on computer sciences.

Prompt API is a legal entity in European Union and regulated by its laws. We never store any sensitive information on our servers and fully respect your privacy. We ensure our providers follow the same sensitivity about user privacy.

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