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WhatsApp API

Official WhatsApp Business API (Sandbox and Production Environments).
Facebook Verified Business Solution Partner

This is the official WhatsApp API as offered by 360dialog, which is a verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP). You can verify this information here. You can use this API to communicate with your clients, create chat bots and sync it with your own CRM and ERPs.

This API features:

  • Developer friendly API: direct access to WhatsApp Business API
  • Full data privacy. We never save message data after retrieved to clients' services
  • Support for both sandbox API and production API (only available in paid plan)
  • Bring Your Own Number (mobile, landline, toll-free)
  • Get your own API key from WhatsApp and use it
  • Rich Messaging (images, files, location, videos, links, etc)
  • Highly performant API - 100% messages delivered
  • Fast & automated self-service account activation

Quickstart Using with the Sandbox Environment

We offer you a sandbox environment so that you can quickly test the WhatsApp Business API and understand the process. By default you'll be welcomed to the sandbox environment, when subscribed. You may change the working environment to "production" using the "POST /configs/env" endpoint.

To start the sandbox process, you first need to have a Prompt API account and sign up for a plan (free tier available). You can then start messaging tests on Live Demo by following the steps below.

Second, you'll need to get a Sandbox API key, which you can use to send messages to yourself and set a webhook for notifications. Let's move forward.

Get Sandbox API Key

To get the API key, you need to send a message with text START to the phone number +4930609859535 via WhatsApp. It will be sufficient to write only START in the content of the message, so simple.

You will be given an API key in response to your message. From now on, this API key will be associated with the phone number you sent the message to. It doesn't matter if the phone number you use to text is a personal whatsapp or WhatsApp business profile. Even a landline can be used as long as it has an active WhatsApp profile.

You can see an API key generation process in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp API Key

Saving the API key

Once you've recieved the API key, you'll need to associate it with your account using a simple API call.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'apikey: YOUR PROMPT API KEY' \
--data-raw '{"env": "sandbox", "api_key": "YOUR SANDBOX API KEY"}'

Now you are ready to explore the endpoints and start sending yourself messages using the Live Demo, or you may check out the documentation here, or you may check out the Facebook's official documentation here.

Setting up a webhook

Using the API, you'll be able to send any text, audio, image, contacts, documents, location. But in order to receive incoming messages and other notifications (such as read confirmations), you'll need to set up a webhook. It is also easy as a pie. Just check the following code.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'apikey: YOUR PROMPT API KEY' \
--data-raw '{"url": "" }'

Use external service f.e. to test webhook answers, or create your own webhook server for tests. In the case you want to test with localhost, you may use f.e. external service.

What you can do with the Sandbox

  • There is no restriction on the number of messages you send and receive. You have an unlimited rate limit for messages on sandbox.
  • In this scenario, you can think of your personal phone as a customer, and messages from the phone number +4930609859535 as messages from the WhatsApp Business Profile.
  • You can create a Webhook with /configs/webhook endpoint and receive incoming messages via no-code tools such as Zapier or RequestBin. We will soon prepare a comprehensive document on this subject and publish it on our blog.
  • With Webhook, you can check the status of the messages you send such as "read or "sent".

What you can’t do with the Sandbox

  • Since the environment you use is a sandbox, you can only communicate with the phone number from which you received an api key. There is no such restriction in our paid packages.
  • Media files sent and received via Sandbox cannot be downloaded or uploaded via API yet. We are working on this. However, for now, you can test the sandbox environment through text messages.
  • Messages and Templates can be sent only to your own phone number.
  • We will only forward and trigger an API when your given number is involved.
  • We do not yet provide response information when you use the WhatsApp API.

How to get a new key and invalidate an old one?

You may invalidate/recreate the current API Key at any time, by sending again WhatsApp a message with content START to number +4930609859535.

Using in Production: Subscription to a Paid Plan and Requirements

There are some requirements to buy a paid package and start using API in production environment. If you fully comply with these requirements, you can start using WhatsApp API with your own phone number. You can find a comprehensive document and requirements list on our blog. You may also contact us if you need any assistance in using the production environment.

How to automate your sandbox test with Zapier?

Very soon. Stay tuned on our newsletter please!


What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp provides customized solutions for businesses to easily communicate with their customers. One of them is WhatsApp Business API. Using the API, you can easily integrate WhatsApp communication into your own business processes. You can integrate APIs to deliver sales-related information to your customer from the CRM system or your e-commerce site. It's even possible to write your own bot to improve the customer relationship experience.

What is WhatsApp Business Profile?

WhatsApp Business Profile helps you show your business information to your customers through the app. Your profile photo, text about you, and your business name appear on this profile. In this way, your customers can see your corporate identity while communicating with you on WhatsApp and can talk safely.

What is WhatsApp Official Business Account?

The "blue tick" feature, which you are familiar with from Facebook and Instagram applications, is the "green tick" icon for businesses on WhatsApp. When you are an Official Business Account, your customers will see a green tick icon on your profile. This means that your profile and business are privately verified by WhatsApp. There are some requirements that must be made to be approved. One of them is that your quality score is 2 or higher. It will be useful for you to advertise on the Facebook platform and to have approximately 10K more followers to get verified.

What are use cases for using API?

  • Customer Acquisition: Get in touch with your customer base via a popular communication tool. WhatsApp's number of active users is larger than Facebook and Instagram.
  • Customer Verification: An easy and simple tool to authenticate your client.
  • Chatbots: From products suggestions to custom personalizations, you can use the API to automate your communication.
  • Helpdesk: You can use WhatsApp as a support ticket system or helpdesk.
  • Abondoned Carts: Remind your customer what they are missed with a previous session and offer a discount.
  • Confirmations: Deliver invoices, transacion details, shipping codes or updates related with your business. It is the perfect way to send transactional information.
  • Loyalty: Offer more discount for your loyal customers.
  • Feedback / Review: Collect your customer's feedback and get more detailed satisfaction statistics.

Simple Transparent Pricing

No long term commitments. One click upgrade/downgrade or cancellation. No questions asked.

Free Plan

No credit cards required
1,000 Requests / Daily, 30,000 Requests / Monthly

Gold Plan

Monthly subscription
99,999,999 Requests / Daily, 99,999,999 Requests / Monthly

Custom Plan

Monthly subscription
Fully customizable
Direct access to WhatsApp Business API
100% Delivery
We don't save message data after retrieved to clients' services
Branded Messaging / ‘Verified Business’ possible
Rich Messaging (images, files, location, videos, links, etc)
Bring Your Own Number (mobile, landline, toll-free)

Ready to try it out?

We offer a free plan. No credit cards required!

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