Vault API
Vault API

Full featured encrypted data store and key management backend.
Vault API Code Sample

Vault API provides an application backend for:

  • Encryption key generation, storage and management
  • Content storage of any size (text only)
  • Automated encryption of content
  • Ability to use your own encryption keys (optional)
  • Ability to browse the contents simulating an file sysem structure

Use it for secure storage and or any sort of secure key management backend. For example you can build essentials for developing your own encrypted notebook app. You can build a secure password storage service. You can also use it as a secure and encrypted confiiguration parameter storage.

Fully automated encrypted storage
Filesystem like structure
Text content storage of any size
Ability to use your own encryption keys

Free Plan

100 requests/day 3,000 requests/month
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Pay as You Go Plan

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Gold Plan

5,000 requests/day 150,000 requests/month

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Custom Plan

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How secure is this service?

Prompt API is a legal entity in European Union and regulated by its laws. We never store any sensitive information on our servers and fully respect your privacy.

Is it free?

Vault API is a paid service but we have a free plan that will be more than enough for you to test its functionalities and see if it works for your needs.

How does Prompt API's pricing work?

Our subscriptions are tiered. We offer a monthly subscription scheme and you decide which tier works for you the best.

Can I cancel/upgrade/downgrade at any time?

Sure you can. You can cancel your subscription or upgrade/downgrade yourself, anytime without any restrictions.

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